Over the years, Nick, the kids, and I have supported many different non-profit organizations and projects.   My daughter, Brittany and I have always enjoyed supporting the Montgomery County Food Bank as volunteers.   This year I wanted to reflect on my favorites and encourage you to do something meaningful.

My assistant, Miranda, and I decided to support the Salvation Army and ‘adopt’ an older woman who had limited resources and no family this year.    When I first heard that the Ladies Auxiliary of April Sound was organizing this project, I knew I wanted to know more.   We often focus on children during the holidays, and I was pleased to hear that someone was thinking about our older generation who might be alone this holiday.    Miranda and I quickly chose an adoption card for a 62 year old woman, named Maria, who’s Christmas wish was ………a coat.    Just a coat!   This made my heart explode with happiness, because I knew we could make that simple wish come true.   It also made me feel humble.  Here we are, worried about so many trivial things in this world, and there’s a woman out there who needs a simple warm coat.

We went to our local Walmart in Montgomery and looked through coats, picking out one we thought would be just right.  We were also able to add a soft throw, house slippers, lotions, and some shoes.    We don’t know who Ms. Maria is, but we sure did enjoy making her Christmas a little brighter this year.

That’s what the holidays SHOULD be about; Giving and not receiving.   There is no better feeling than helping someone who truly needs the help.    We get so wrapped up in the rush of holiday shopping that we forget the true meaning.  While we chose the Salvation Army to give to this year, here are a few others that we have supported in the past.   All five of these are wonderful organizations that you can trust with your monetary gift or item donations.

  1. Toys 4 Tots
  2. Montgomery County Food Bank
  3. Camp Quality
  4. Camp Barnabus
  5. Special Olympics

We want to encourage YOU to give back this holiday.  It doesn’t have to be a large monetary gift.  Giving back can be small and simple.     Baking cookies for your trash pick up guys is one kind gesture that would mean a lot.   Dropping off a pot of chili at your local fire department is another way to show you appreciate someone’s hard work.   Leaving a small gift on a neighbor’s door step that you don’t know might be the kind gesture that pulls them out of a terrible day.   There are hundreds of ways to give back this holiday and we hope you make the effort.

How are you giving back this holiday?   Write us and tell us!  We would love to share your story on our website and social media pages.    Whether it’s big or small, we would love to read about your efforts.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,

Theresa Scheib